Monday, February 05, 2007

Doodle dump! Here's a few drawings I've done recently for various reasons.

Giraffe guy. He works in an office and plays tabletop games. Very cranky. This is for a project I'm working on, of which I won't go into detail right now.

A drawing for my little sister Jackie. Her cat Charles is a Cornish Rex, one of those really short-haired, lanky cats. He's great - but it's basically impossible to ignore his balls. Especially when they're resting on something of yours. You all know what I'm talking about. ...Moving on.

And finally a little self-portrait I did for my MySpace profile. I try to do one of these every couple of months. To keep shit fresh and all. Yeah.

Oddly, all of these (and the previous post's) drawings were done in Flash. Seeing a pattern here? I kind of miss paper. Drawing on the computer all the time almost feels like cheating. But I'm really comfortable with it, too. Huh!


Carly Monardo said...

I love giraffe guy!!

Also, hello mustache cat!

David said...

It IS cheating!
Flash automatically smooths lines for you!
I fear inking may become a lost art in the future. :(

Meredith said...

woah, what? Flash doesn't automatically taper lines, determine weight/thickness, or create arcs for you.

It hardly smooths a line more than a paintbrush. For most drawings I need to go back and adjust the lines manually, the way you'd do with white-out. The only "cheat" is that it's already high-res and vectorized.

DavidMcG said...
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paulsouthworth said...


Drawing on a computer is "cheating" like driving a rocket car instead of a unicycle to work is "cheating". You're still getting where you need to go, you're just using a different tool to get there, possibly faster, and possibly in a twisted fiery wreck.

I wish I could use my tablet to ink, but I'd miss the tactile feel of pen on paper and trying to balance on one wheel at stop lights.