Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's time for a blog. Everyone has a blog.

Here are a few character drawings from my sketchbook. I'll post lots of stuff later.

Why are you so angry, short girl?

Precocious little scamp.

Shaved/unshaved. I like him better without a face.

I haven't done any "finished" drawings in a really long time. I'm hoping maybe I will, if everyone's looking at my blog. Look at it intensely. For my sake.


Carly Monardo said...

Yeah, yeah, Meredith has a blog! :D

Wonderful sketches, as always!

Anonymous said...

I am PEERING at your blog SO HARD you don't even know.

-- Sarah from EllJay

Abby said...

I am looking intently at this blog. SO intently. Hopefully it won't move.

Adam said...

Welcome to the blog community.
This just made my week -!

sweet drawings.

the man with the beard covering his face looks like me on the weekend.

Danny Hynes said...

WOO! I really like these...finished drawings are for people who are too insecure in their innate drawing abilities to let them speak for themselves. That was meant to be a joke but came out kind of serious sounding.

Johnny said...

hey now wait a minute